Start - took four minutes to get to the starting line because of so many people.

Mile 1- kiss from the girlfriend and a confidence boosting sign: "You're not even close to finishing!"

Mile 2-5 - 8:20 pace and rocking the hills.

Mile 6 - dead possum in the middle of the road and almost tackled by a 5'2" 105 lb woman running the wrong way.

Mile 7 - best sign of the day: "That's not sweat, it's your fat cells crying." First of many free high fives.

Mile 7.5 - start to run behind a Teen Wolf. Back hair. Shoulder hair. TW Gives random high fives to cringing and unsuspecting spectators.

Mile 8 - pass Teen Wolf

Mile 9 - hills continue to make right knee hurt

Mile 10.3 - half-marathon splits to the right. Really start to question the full marathon idea with the hill on the left turn.

Mile 11 - start to lose 3:40:00 pace group and feet hurting.

Mile 12-13.1 - Should I have just run the half????

Mile 14 - high fives continue. First partake of orange slices and gummy bears.

Mile 15 – Colin hits the wall early!  Longest mile of my life.

Mile 16-17 - really tired at this point. More oranges and start two waters and one Gatorade.

Mile 17.5 – get passed by Teen Wolf…not happy!

Mile 18-19 – more oranges and now pretzels!

Mile 20 - another great sign: "Even Humpty had to deal with walls!"

Mile 20.5 - girl with a six pack of Shiner Bock. Almost partook. REALLY WANTED ONE!

Mile 21 - pretzels, oranges, bananas start to kick in...finally.

Mile 22 - Journey's "Don't Stop Believing", followed by Rocky IV 18 sec clip of Rocky's trainer talking about "alright, it's the final final round, this is our round....... This is our round, i need all your strength, all your power, all your love, EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT!" Followed by Korn "Coming Undone."

Mile 23-24 - pumped, ready to finish and really hurting. Really tired. Figured that I’m going to really hurt on Monday so might as well go as fast as possible to make the running pain stop.

Mile 25 - downhill through UT campus and run past Memorial Stadium.

Mile 25.7 - the hill from Hell!

Mile 25.9 - see Michelle & BP and start to sprint.

Mile 26-26.2 – pass at least 15-20 people.  Fast and hurting!

Finish line - can't move, tired and hurting. I WANT MY T-SHIRT!

T-shirt tent – get a large, it’s made for someone 250 pounds…not happy!

26.2 miles run
9:02 mile pace
5457 calories burned
Five GU gel packets consumed
Two handfuls of gummy bears
Multiple orange and banana slices
Numerous high fives
Two hurting legs/feet
Race medal and now training starts for triathlon season

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