It is the holiday season and that means food, festivities, beverages and family. This is the time of year that many people's eating habits and will power go out the window.  I am guilty of it myself.  In 2010, while visiting family with my
fiance I gained five pounds during the middle of marathon training.  The reason?  I went into our holiday vacation without a plan of when I would get my workouts accomplished.  Plus, the fact that cajun food is just too tasty!  This year, I already have a plan in place.  While I will still eat all of the tasty cajun food, moderation is key!  I am not the best at this.  I hate moderation!  I love to eat and enjoy!  Another way to combat the holiday pounds is to know where you can workout, train or just be able to walk.  I am a member of Anytime Fitness.  If you are members of one gym, you have access to the numbers of gyms around the country.  The YMCA has a similar policy as do a number of other establishments.  Always go into your workouts having a plan in place.

Ways to stay away from gaining the dreaded holiday pounds
- Moderation, moderation, moderation
- Make sure to get enough rest
- Have a plan in place to when/where/how you will be able to get in being active
- Choose another option when it comes to food.  If there is turkey, eat white meat.  If there is ham, cut off the fatty parts
- Encourage your family, loved ones, friends to join you in being active

I hope that you have a wonderful holiday season and remain safe and happy surrounded by the people that you love.  

Merry Christmas,

- Colin

Before starting any exercise, diet or health routine, first consult your physician to make sure that your body is healthy enough for physical activity.