One of the best ways to control, slim down, or just help you cardiovascular shape is to run, jog or walk.  By doing that you increase strength, endurance and overall well being.  A cool new way to get into running has started to take shape and it's called "Couch to 5K."  A 5k is a 5000 meter race or 3.1 miles, the most popular type of running races that you will find anywhere.  Couch to 5K is a way for a person, who has never run or hasn't run in a long time, to get off the couch and start putting their feet to the pavement!  There are many websites, but here is one that I have found that is pretty cool and very easy to follow:

      If you are not a runner, or running is not something that interests you, try walking during dusk.  By taking the steps to become a more healthy person, you are dropping your risks of dealing with health problems later in life.  I will have more on ways to get involved in the community of fitness that is Shreveport-Bossier in the coming weeks.  From triathlons to 5Ks to weight training, we will take a look at everything.  For now, just take that first step to becoming a more fit and healthy person, for you and your family!  Good luck.


Before starting any exercise, diet or health routine, first consult your physician to make sure that your body is healthy enough for physical activity.


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