5:30am - Woke up. Very, very early
7:05 - Start of Doug Collier and my ride. In a wave of 300 people. Ride past a dad holding a sign, "Sports Massage at the Finish.". His little son, age 7-9, holds a small sign saying, "We correct cheap massages!" Two thoughts, #1: What is a cheap massage? #2: He's kind of young to be a masseur!
Miles 0-36 - part of a pace line averaging 21.6 mph.
Mile 1 - Notice my bike computer is not working. This is mildly unpleasant and frustrating.
Mile 13 - Big speed bumps. Barely miss screwing up my fork and great unpleasantness in the lower part of my body.
Mile 20 - Two women driving a white F-150 pass our pace line and lay on the horn. DON'T DO THAT! #1: Share the Road. #2 Have some respect.
Mile 36 - First rest stop - Gatorade and water. And "rest." Back on the road with four out of the nine in the pace line.
Mile 38 - Man riding a mountain bike keeping an 18 mph. Impressive.
Mile 42 - First sighting of wildlife "sleeping" on the side of the road. A skunk. SMELLY!
Miles 43-46 - The map given at packet pick-up says "Rough Road 3 miles." Uh-hu. That. Part. Of. The. Ride. Hurt. A. Lot.
Mile ? - Lost the black Camelback water bottle. That was Brittany's. Oops. Colin is going to have some "exsplainin' ta do." This will come back to bite me in the keister on the ride! More on that later. Side note - I have lost many water bottles. I have never lost Ol' Blue, my first Camelback. Every other one since...gone.
Mile 47 - Doug's water bottle tries to make the great escape.
Mile 49 - Think about getting to mile 50.
Rest stop #2 - Doug stops for Gatorade and sodium pill. We "rest." Still thinking about mile 50.
Mile 50 - Thinking about the next 50 miles. Happiness turns to the thought of pizza and a shower.
Mile 50-62 - Feeling great. We decide, "Let's skip rest stop and keep going." I didn't immediately regret this decision.
Mile 62 - Sign saying, next rest stop 17 miles.
Miles 62-69 - Heading North with the wind. 22 mph average.
Mile 70 - Run out of Gatorade AND water. Hence losing the water bottle bites me in the keister.
Mile 71 - Getting thirsty
Mile 72 - Thirsty
Mile 73 - Getting cranky. Turn on the road and Doug asks the flagger, "How far to the next rest stop?" "Just a mile." She. Was. Wrong.
Mile 74 - Turn on the road and I ask, "How far to the next rest stop?" "Just a mile." Heard that one before. She was at least closer.
Mile 75.5 - REST STOP! Drink a full bottle of Gatorade and a water. Eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Crankiness starting to leave. Drink another Gatorade and "rest." Happiness comes back.
Mile 75.5 - Get in with a large group. They only go 16-19, but it's a nice change of pace.
Mile 75.5 - It's been mile 75.5 for about 5.5 miles. Forgot to reset watch. Oops.
Rest stop #5 - Get Gatorade and water. Only 13 miles left.
Mile 97 - Turn down the final road and getting close!
Mile 99 - Turn into Jack Rhodes Stadium and... Crash. Made it 99 miles and then my wheel gets caught in a crevasse and "McElroy goes down!" Small scrape, hand hurts and bruised ego. Kind of funny, though. Doug laughed.
Mike 100 - Check that one off the list!
Post race - BBQ sandwich that resembled third grade Sloppy Joe day at Miller Elementary. Go Mavs!

100 miles ridden
5741 calories burned
At least a gallon of Gatorade and water consumed
1 not ego boosting crash
2 rocking knee sunburns
Doug had no troubles
A heck of a lot of fun
Now rest for 115 mile ride with Push America's Journey of Hope ride from Shreveport to Monroe on Thursday

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