Sunday was the 31st running of the River Cities Triathlon.  This is the last race of my "season" and will be the last time I race until November.  After attending a funeral of the father of one of my best friends on Saturday morning in Arlington, I was physically, emotionally worn out.  Quite frankly, after eight races in the past 80 days, my motto, "Let's get the thing dunzo!"  It's now dunzo and this is how it went:

5:58am: Wake up BEFORE the alarm
6:00: Alarm goes off.  Just like going to school when younger, "do I really need to get up?!?!?!"
6:30: Depart for RCT with very tired girlfriend Brittany (she's a triathlon trooper)
7:05: Drive into Cypress
7:06: "SQUIRREL!"
7:40: Run into a good triathlon friend that I met from 2010 River Cities Tri Brent Vest.  His wife and trooper Brittany became friends as well.  BV beat me by less than a minute last year.  That didn't sit well with me.
7:45: In transition area and my bike and stuff is right in the middle of a huge ant colony.  I hate ants.  I was deathly afraid of ants until I was 10.  Not the best sign.
8:15ish: Start of the 30-34 swim group.
8:20: First buoy.  Good pace and confidence rising
8:??: First turn.  Slow pace and confidence fading.  I'll be honest, I really hate the swim aspect of triathlons!
?: I am swimming in a straight line.  The person next to me...IS NOT!  Every 10 strokes get bumped into like a crash test dummy.  Not happy!
8:35: Out of the water, hydrated and probably now have some mysterious disease.
Out of T1 and onto the Bike
Mile 1-3: Good pace keeping at around 20-22 mph
Mile 4: Get passed for the second time by race number 23#(?)
- This passing back and forth went on for a while.  I would pump it up to 25, 26, 27 mph and then on a small hill get passed again.
Mile 5-7: Going through the winding hills of Benton at a 22 mph pace
Mile 8: Average 25.2 mph for the entire mile
Mile 9-11: Cross wind coming from the southwest, very good and pleasing.  I start humming "Ride of the Valkyries"
Mile 11.6: Cross wind turns into a head-on wind.  Not too stiff, but strong enough to notice and bye bye 24 mph
Mile 12-15: Winding all the way through the Cypress area with a lot of turns and "rolling hills"
Mile 16: Start laughing like a crazy man.  Don't know why, just felt like it.
Mile 17: So close to run
Mile 17.6-18.2: We are in the park.  The only thing I can think of is a quote from Jaws III. "Overman was killed inside the park. The baby was caught inside the park. It's mother is INSIDE THE PARK!"  Side note:  Did they really have to make Jaws IV?  It's like Rocky V or Halloween III...what were they thinking?!?!?!?
T2 to Run
Mile 0: My legs are not really under all.
Mile .5-1: Start hitting my stride and thinking about the finish line and sitting on the couch
Mile 1.4: Two high fives from a 2 foot and 3 foot spiderman look-a-likes.  Really happy to be there and really happy to give out high fives.  Not sure if they were pajamas, but if they make them in adult sizes, I will find a spiderman costume just like it.
Mile 2: The trail!  You have to run down it, at a fast pace.  Then you have to run up it, not at a fast pace.
Mile 2.5: I have found my pacer and I will keep at his pace until the end.
Mile 2.6: Nevermind, my pacer has decided to walk.
Mile 2.8: Time to get it in gear
Mile 3: Can see the finish and look at my watch.  I have 58 seconds to finish under 1:40:00 for the day and start to sprint
Mile 3.1: DUNZO!  Eight races in 80 days is finished.  Time to have fun and relax.

Overall time - 1:39:40
Cut 8 minutes off from 2010
Beat triathlon friend Brent Vest by 22 seconds AND all three Keen siblings
After having fun at the post race, headed off to a charity poker tournament where I finish 22nd out of 62 and was the last person still in the game from KSLA!
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