Watching, listening and reading about the Women's World Cup got me thinking about the pride Americans have for anything American.  Would the nation be so entranced to the Women's World Cup if Team USA wasn't in the Championship Game?  Probably not.  With that said, pride is a slippery slope.  It is one of the seven deadly sins and considered possibly the worst out of all of them.  It is a negative when you a person uses or has it to better themselves at the expense of others.  That is not what times column entry is about.  This is about taking personal goals and accomplishments and building on them to become healthier and happier with who you are as a person.

I have a friend named Dusty.  He is a former offensive lineman for the Texas Tech Red Raiders.  At his heaviest, Dusty weighed 330 pounds.  He is big, strong and somewhere along the way he gained weight to the point where he felt he needed to do something.  Couple that with being diagnosed with diabetes, he decided to make a change and he made it.  Today, Dusty weighs 235 pounds and continues to see the weight drop.  I saw him for the first time in a long while just a couple of weeks ago and he looks like a completely different person.  Dusty gave his main three things that helped him lose it and keep on seeing the scale tick lower and lower:

1. Diet.  Adhering to a diabetic diet and watching what he eats.
2. Proper exercise program.  Dusty works out with weights, cardio and is always be changing it up to keep his body guessing.
3. Discipline.  It's ok to give into small vices. It's ok to go out and have dessert once a month, but don't eat the whole cake.

Dusty took pride in how he feels and looks on the inside and outside.  He likes the way his body responds to being healthier than it was before.  Dusty and I were workout partners when we both lived in Lubbock.  He is much stronger than I am, but it was never a competition to who could do more or workout harder.  We pushed each other to be the best that we, as an individual could be. 

Take pride in what you can do.  Take pride in being able to take the first step to a healthier lifestyle by parking a little farther away from the grocery store.  Take pride in knowing that if you cut your portion in half and the next week when you step on a scale it is one or two pounds lighter.  Take pride in looking in the mirror and being able to see a change in your body and how it makes you feel on the inside.  When you take pride in who you are, where you have been and where you are going, you can accomplish any goal, overcome any obstacle to leading a healthier and more fulfilling life than before.

Good luck on your first, second or 1,000th step to becoming


Before starting any exercise, diet or health routine, first consult your physician to make sure that your body is healthy enough for physical activity.

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