2012 Ironman Texas
If you are like me, you work towards goals.  You need them.  You want them.  They fuel what you do.  What happens when you accomplish your main goals?  Are you just complacent with what you've done and then move forward or do you set a new goal?  A grander goal to focus on achieving.  Everyone goes through the elation of accomplishing something that you have worked towards for so long and the fall from the top.  Sometimes it's a gradual fall, sometimes it hits like a ton of bricks and you are left with the question, "What's next?" 
I am currently going through something like that myself.  The picture is from Ironman Texas and is a reminder to me that goals are good and accomplishing them is even better!  But, what do I do after working so hard for six years in triathlon, working towards an Ironman, and then finishing the race?  I have set new goals!  The next challenge is to finish a 70.3 Ironman in under 5:30:00.  My personal record is currently 5:42:45.  Another challenge is to finish a 50 mile mountain bike race.  Then finish a 50 mile run race.
Ultimately, whatever you are trying to accomplish, you have to ask yourself after you finish it, "What's next?"  For those of you who have just gotten back into fitness and have worked to drop your pant size something lower, once you get there, maintain it!  Keep working on a healthier you!  The best part of leading a healthier lifestyle, along with living longer, is living better.  It's addictive and you want that feeling of being able to do what you want to do while also feeling great!
So, if you find yourself wondering, "What's next?" look to go beyond what you have already accomplished.  You might find that accomplishing your previous goals are just the beginning! 

- Colin

Before starting any exercise, diet or health routine, first consult your physician to make sure that your body is
healthy enough for physical activity.

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wow man
you're really an inspiration for the rest of us


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