Since Fall is coming, granted it was 96 DEGREES WEDNESDAY, I have decided to see if you can pass the Fall Fitness Test.  Remember, to consult your doctor before any physical activity to make sure that you are healthy enough to participate.  Here you go:

20 jumping jacks
20 push-ups (knees on the floor is fine, but your nose must touch the ground!)
15 squats (weights optional but knees and rear must be at 90 degrees)
jump rope for 2 minutes (optional if you have one)
25 crunches (hands across your chest)
1 mile run/jog/walk

It is on a 100 point scale.  For everything accomplished you get 1 point.  On the 1 mile run/jog/walk subtract a point for every minute past 10 minutes it takes you to finish. 


- Colin

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